3 Key Challenges in Proposal Writing Processes and Team Management

  • The ability to quickly and accurately identify the scope of the RFX.
  • The ability to find and build upon relevant boilerplate content.
  • The ability to manage the end to end proposal writing and approval process
  • At the heart of any proposal writing process is an effective and a complete compliance matrix. A thorough compliance matrix allows the team to understand what the customer’s needs and underlying needs are. Creating the compliance matrix for large RFPs takes a lot of time and is very cumbersome if there is no tool being used.
  • Secondly, we’re often told that finding boilerplate content is an ordeal. Even with dedicated teams meant to handle information and identify boilerplate content, proposal management teams find it hard to get what they want when they want it from them. They would rather have a tool to manage it rather than collaborating over email. Without an effective proposal management tool, proposal writers end up spending more time sending out emails and less time writing strategically. As a result, the end product can be clumsy, unclear and irrelevant- thereby decreasing the possibility of a win- even if the solution is amazing.
  • Finally, the entire proposal management process- which includes daily cadence calls, the calling out of action items and the tracking of pending activities takes a lot of effort. Following up with various proposal contributors is a continuous hassle that does not allow proposal managers to do anything else. Their contribution to the proposal strategy as well- becomes limited. Every proposal manager wishes that they had a proposal management tool that would make life easier. And all of them agree that spreadsheets don’t do enough.
  1. The proposal writing process requires a proposal management tool that can extract relevant information from the RFP and help ease out the response process.
  2. The proposal management tool must also help the proposal authors spend less time searching for and entering boilerplate content or templates. Instead it must help them spend more time writing strategic content.
  3. Finally, the proposal management tool must also act like an end to end project management tool with dashboards and analytics to assess progress and take quick and deliberate actions to meet deadlines.




I am the guy with more dreams that aims my target and chase in the Indian financial markets and more conscious in stock market moments

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Ajit Samal

Ajit Samal

I am the guy with more dreams that aims my target and chase in the Indian financial markets and more conscious in stock market moments

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