Expand Your Career Opportunities in the Cloud by Learning Microsoft Azure

One of the most effective, quickest and smart ways to advance your career is by learning and adapting new in-demand technologies and skills. From 2015, development technology predominantly aligns to cloud technology, specifically in Microsoft Azure. The basic features that cloud computing offers are to store and share data in the cloud which can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world by using decent internet connection. The top 5 skills which compete for the IT market for jobs in Azure include Cloud, security, Agile, MCSE and Integration.

Azure Opportunity in Career:

Career opportunity in the Cloud sector is huge with the demand of the skilled professionals only set to grow over the next few years. Cloud Computing is one of the biggest industries which can generate billions of dollars in terms of revenue every year with thousands of job opportunities. So, with everything in mind what has gone through with the development of the Azure and what opportunities have opened in terms of career prospect in the last few years, let’s have a closer look at Microsoft Azure.

Since its launch, Microsoft’s public cloud offering has already experienced widespread adoption. More than 10,000 new customers’ sign up to the Microsoft Windows Azure on a weekly basis with more than 50% of branded companies are now using the Microsoft Azure development Course services. So, with the increase of the adoption of Microsoft Azure among different companies, the demand for professional and experts with Azure focused skills is also set to rise. So, we can understand that a career working with Azure is lucrative. Average salaries on such skills are around 50K- 60K/per month with the salaries peaking at Rs. 70–80K/per month as well. In fact, 80% of all enterprise workloads will be moving towards the Cloud technology by 2025.

Today may bog companies are offering unique cloud services to their customers all over the world including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Rackspace, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure which has taken 29% of the workload of the overall cloud market.

Become Microsoft Azure Certified Professional with Huge Career Opportunities:

Microsoft Azure is a single based cloud service provider which offers role-based certification which is mainly created and designed as per the market demands and job roles. With the large adoption of the Microsoft Azure by various companies, Microsoft certified professionals are always high in demand today for managing and developing cloud applications and cloud infrastructures. Here are a few reasons given below why you would become a Microsoft Azure certified professionals:

  1. Career Flexibility: While pursuing a career in cloud computing, Microsoft Azure certifications are very important as it offers flexible career options. It will secure different roles such as Cloud developer, administrator, AI engineer, Security engineer, solutions architect, DevOps engineer and Data Engineer. Microsoft Azure offers nine different role-based certifications which can only increase the versatility in the designation and role in the industry. In any of the certification course, one can find themselves developing, managing and implementing cloud services in various industries like healthcare, finance, banking, insurance and government.
  2. Higher Salary Opportunities: Another important reason is the higher salaries, good post and better recognition in the market. Being a Microsoft Certified professional’s means you will recognize your skill-set with the certification. Due to the high demanding of cloud computing professionals, you can earn better packages all over the world as compared to any other IT fields.
  3. Progressive Career development: Microsoft Azure offers nine role-based Azure certifications based on the requirements of the market. By adopting any of the certification courses, you can ensure professional career development in different industries. Azure certifications offer a wide range of professional ways including Azure developer, Azure administrator, architect, AI engineer, Security engineer, Data engineer, Data scientist which enable you to become an expert and leading professional in the cloud market.

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I am the guy with more dreams that aims my target and chase in the Indian financial markets and more conscious in stock market moments

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Ajit Samal

Ajit Samal

I am the guy with more dreams that aims my target and chase in the Indian financial markets and more conscious in stock market moments

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