Why You Should Go for Vintage Finance Personal Loan?

  • Loan amount is available in the range of Rs 1,00,000 to 15,00,000
  • The repayment period is from 1 to 2 year
  • Competitive interest rate

What are the eligibility criteria of Vintage Finance Personal Loan?

  • He/She needs to be a salaried individual (as we mentioned above)
  • He/She needs to be employed for a minimum of 2 years. In the present job, a minimum 6 months' stability is required.
  • The applicant age needs to be in between 21 and 60 years of age
  • The minimum loan amount is ₹ 1 lakh to ₹ 15 lakh
  • An applicant needs to have a minimum monthly income of Rs 30,000

What all documents are required for Vintage Finance Personal Loan?

  1. Identity documents: Aadhar Card/PAN Card/Voter ID Card/Driving License or any other ID Card issued by the Government of India
  2. Residence documents: Property tax bill, Utility bill, Latest Credit Card Bill, Employers letter certifying current mailing address etc.
  3. Income documents: Salary slips for last 3 months/bank statement for the past 6 months/Form 16
  4. Verification documents: Banker’s Verification Letter /Processing Fee Cheque.
  5. Photographs: 2 passport size

What are the application fee charges of Vintage Finance Personal Loan?

  • Loan Processing Charges are minimum.
  • Cheque/ Instrument Swap charges Rs.500 per instance + Service Tax as applicable
  • Prepayment/ Foreclosure Charges 2%
  1. Is it easy to repay the Vintage Finance Personal Loan?



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Ajit Samal

Ajit Samal


I am the guy with more dreams that aims my target and chase in the Indian financial markets and more conscious in stock market moments